Subvision the computer animation company and studio

Subvision is a computer animation company with over 10 years experience. Our computer animation studio has produced work for TV series, adverts, short films, multimedia, music videos, title sequences and corporate videos. We will work with you to take your ideas and bring them to life, from scripting and initial design through to finished product ready for broadcast or distribution.

Subvision provides the same personnal computer animation service to all it's clients regardless of the size of the project. We pay as much attention to animating a spinning logo for a corporate video as we do to producing a TV advert or short film. So no matter what the size of your project or how developed the idea is don't hesitate to contact us for impartial advice.

Subvision's computer animation service includes:

  • Scripting - production of voice and camera scripts.
  • Storyboarding - production of traditional storyboards and anamatics.
  • Design - from initial 2D design to finished 3D models.
  • Animation - 2D, 3D or a combination of both styles.
  • Effects - we can combine animation with video footage and other special effects.
  • Sound - we can provide voice artists and compose origional music.
  • Editing - all our animation is edited uncompressed for maximum quality.
  • Encoding - we can prepare your animation for distribution on the internet, CD or DVD.

computer animation company Pop Idols Game
3d animation studio

Ever wanted to be a Pop Star? Well our computer animation company has just finished a project that will help you on your way, the official Pop Idol video game. Based on the popular television series the game arrives in Playstation2 and PC versions. Subvision produced the animation for 11 of the well known tracks featured. These include Spinning Around by Kylie Minogue, Thank You by Dido and Fast Love by George Michael. The songs are 3 minutes in length and a team of 5 animators worked to choreograph and develop the dance moves for each one using video reference.

Client: Hothouse Creations Ltd

computer animation company CBBC Opener
computer animation studio

Subvision has recently completed two animated sequences for BBC Broadcast. The sequences form part of the new Opening for the CBBC channel, which will be aired each morning from March to September this year. The Opening starts with the transformation of the BBC TV Centre into a cartoon version that houses the CBBC studios. Details of this sequence are available in the video section.

In the second sequence an animated version of Jake , one of the CBBC presenters , has a Kung-Fu fight with a green bug from one of the CBBC idents. The style had to match the Kung-Fu bug animation that already existed as a sting of two bugs fighting. Subvision isolated one of the bugs from the ident and edited it to provide a sequence of the bug against which Jake could be animated fighting. At the end of the sequence Jake escapes by falling down a vortex of CBBC web pages which bring him out as his live action self in the CBBC studios.

Client: BBC Broadcast Ltd

computer animation service

computer animation company Vinny
computer animation company

Vinny is an 8 minute film produced for Bigfatstudio and Channel 4. The clients wanted to see if their designs could be translated to CG. Previously they had worked exclusively with puppets and wanted to avoid an obvious CG look. After a successful test it was decided the whole production would be produced digitally. The clients benefited from the expertise in character and set modeling available at our computer animation studio, which allowed the animation to be produced to a very tight schedule.

The results were screened on the Adam and Joe animation special on CH4. The film was nominated twice at the recent British Animation Awards. The categories were Best Use Of New Media and The Peoples Choice Award. It was also chosen for the Best Short at the London Effects and Animation Festival. It is currently being shown at festivals and is part of the Brit Pix strand at the Animated Encounters Festival in Bristol.

Client: Bigfatstudio / Channel 4

computer animation studio

computer animation company E= mc Eggs
animation companies

As part of Subvision's ongoing commitment to short films, the company has just completed E=mc Eggs. This 2 minute film uses Einstein's theories to tackle such questions as 'How long does it take to boil the perfect egg?' and 'What came first the chicken or the Egg?'

Client: Internal

computer animation company Bassetts Advert
multimedia animation companies

The Moo Choos advert was the third in a series of commercials for Bassetts sweets 'Bassetts and Beyond' campaign. It was produced by Optical Image and directed by Subvision's Stefan Wernik. It features the ongoing adventures of Ben and his faithful hound Barkley. The two ride the raging waves of the Moo Choos milk sea, joined by three surfing cows. Here they choose between chocolate, banana and strawberry flavoured chews.

Client: Optical Image Ltd

computer animation company Impz Pilot  
animation company

The pilot for Carltons' new childrens' show was created entirely at Subvision. The three main characters live in a 3D world where there is always something new to learn. When curiosity gets the better of them they fly into real world interacting with kids and spreading their own brand of fun. Each of the characters were composited into live action footage to produce this illusion. The animators were influenced by Japanese Anime to produce a fast hectic style of movement for the characters.

Client: Carlton TV

computer animation company Sindy Video  
animation companies

Subvision animated a segment for Sindy the Fairy Princess. A sell through video it tells the story of how Sindy must overcome the evil wizard Azbar to find true love. Subvision's section involved animating Azbar, voiced by Rik Mayall, plotting against Sindy. A very enjoyable assignment as the style of the charecter allowed for a lot of expression, exaggeration and humour. The video and DVD is out now.

Client: Optical Image Ltd

computer animation company Aspects Promo
3d animation studio

Hip-Hop act Aspects looked to animation when they needed a video for their single 'My Genre'. The single is inspired by heroes of films of the eighties. In keeping with the theme each of the band members was transformed into a robot based on eighties game console. Subvisions' section of the video follows their adventures through various weirdly retro landscapes.

Client: Hombre Records

computer animation company Boots Adverts
animation production studio

Subvision have recently finished a series of 5 commercials for Boots. The brief was to translate the graphic style of the print campaign into moving images. The animation in a cartoon style was produced in 3d Studio Max. These images were then layered and composited at Subvision using Digital Fusion.

Client: Boots The Chemist

computer animation company Lloyds Bank  
computer animation studio

A visualization for design company Dutton-Merrifield to show the success of their advertising campaign on a customer going into a Lloyds Bank. With their deadline pressing the company asked for this project had to be turned round extremely quickly. Subvision managed to complete it on time and on budget.

Client: Dutton-Merrifield / Lloyds Bank

computer animation company Jellikins
animation company

Produced at Optical Image Ltd, Jellikins was the first CG series to be made in Britain. Voiced by Rik Mayall, the show tells the adventures of six colourful characters who live in Jellyworld and create the rainbows seen around the world. Stefan Wernik from Subvision was the Second Unit Director on the 78 x 5 episodes and was responsible for the British version of the show. He also directed 22 stings for GMTVs Christmas schedule, and designed and directed stings and titles for the international show "Jellabies & Friends" for Fox Kids in the USA.

As part of our computer animation service we also provided programming expertise to automate the conversion of Jellikins (the British version of the characters) to Jellabies (the international version). This program converted all six characters in a scene at the click of a button while keeping all the animation information intact. Jellikins is shown on GMTV and has been sold throughout the world.

Client: Optical Image Ltd / GMTV

computer animation company Geezer
3d animation studio

Geezer is a short film project being developed by Subvision. It is part of an ongoing commitment to allow our employees to use the computer animation studio for personal projects. This is the 3rd film produced this way; "Lord Squeeky" and "Just" two previous projects were shown at events around Europe.

Client: Internal

computer animation company Cubeez
multimedia animation companies

Aimed at the preschool market, each of these characters adventures are educational but fun. The series was produced at Optical Image for GMTV. Subvisions' Stefan Wernik created animation for titles, early episodes and development work on the walk cycles.

Client: Optical Image Ltd / GMTV

computer animation company Reds Away
As this program is in development no images are available at this time.

Reds Away is a children's TV series being developed at Optical Image Ltd and based on the Red Arrows aerobatic display team. It tells the story of 9 little aircraft as they fly to exotic locations and get into all sorts of adventures. Subvision provided a 3d modeling computer animation service for Gina, one of the pilot's main characters, and several backgrounds. Stefan Wernik one of the Directors from our computer animation company co-directed the promo for the Mip 2000, and went onto direct the pilot, titles and song video.

Client: Optical Image Ltd